Speech therapy intruments

Speech therapy instruments

View our range of speech therapy instruments including: microphones, webcams, electropalatography (EPG), nasometry, nasal anemometry and electroglottography (EGG) systems.

LinguaGraph EPG


Electropalatography (EPG) system

LinguaGraph is an electropalatography (EPG) unit that monitors tongue contact with the hard-palate during speech. LinguaGraph provides direct articulatory information that can be used to monitor and improve articulation patterns.

The lightweight portable design and Skype compatibility make LinguaGraph ideal for clinical and home-based articulation therapy.

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Electropalatography (EPG) Palate


Electropalatography (EPG) palate

LinguaGraph is compatible with the Reading electropalatography palate design. Each EPG palate is custom-made and simply clips to the upper teeth.

In order to create an EPG palate, a qualified dentist is required to take an impression of the upper palate and teeth. A plaster model should then be created from the impression and sent directly to us.

Full instructions on how to create the plaster model are provided.

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Electropalatography (EPG) Palate Kit


Electropalatography (EPG) palate kit

EPG palate kits enable orthodontic technologists to manufacture EPG palates locally. Each kit contains:

64 silver electrodes with attached leads
LinguaGraph EPG palate connector
Heat shrink tubing
Instruction manual
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Nasality Microphone

Nasality Microphone

Portable nasometry unit

The Nasality Microphone is a handheld nasometry unit that detects nasality in speech production. It uses a lightweight acoustic separator that is fitted with highly directional nasal and oral microphones.

The portable design and USB compatibility makes the Nasality Microphone ideal for clinical or home-based speech therapy.

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Nasality Microphone Windshield

Nasality Microphone

Replacement windshield

Slip-on foam windshield, made from durable, high quality open-cell controlled-density acoustic foam. Designed to protect the microphone element from contamination, and to reduce noise from plosive sounds.

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Super Nasal-Oral Ratiometry System (SNORS)


Super Nasal-Oral Ratiometry System

SNORS detects nasal and oral airflow during speech to provide a non-invasive objective assessment of velopharyngeal insufficiency (VPI). It uses a lightweight dual chamber mask that is held over the nose and mouth. A soft silicone cuff moulds to the contours of the face providing a comfortable air tight seal.

Rapid response airflow sensors and microphones are contained in both the nasal and oral chambers of the mask to enable aerodynamic and acoustic analysis.

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Electroglottography (EGG) system

Electroglottography (EGG) is a non-invasive technique of monitoring vocal fold vibration by sensing the electrical conductance between two electrodes placed on the neck.

The EGG-D200 is a portable electroglottography system that provides qualitative and quantitative information on vocal fold vibration.

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Frame Grabber

Frame Grabber

USB 3.0 video capture device

A frame grabber is a device that captures (or grabs) digital frames from analog or digital video streams directly to a computer.

This allows established imaging techniques such as videofluoroscopy, nasendoscopy, stroboscopy and ultrasound to be synchronously viewed alongside multiparameter speech data. This can have the advantage of revealing phenomena that is not always evident in the image alone.

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