Pronunciation Coach

Pronunciation Coach

Without a good understanding of how to pronounce the individual sounds of a language, it can be difficult to speak words clearly.

Pronunciation Coach is an easy-to-use tool that shows you how to pronounce all of the sounds in the English language, and how to combine these sounds to pronounce any word or sentence.

Key features:

  • Shows you how to pronounce any sound, word or sentence.
  • Records your pronunciation and lets you compare it to an example.
  • Uses state-of-the-art speech recognition to score your pronunciation.

Pronunciation Coach uses the concept of pronunciation models to show you how to accurately pronounce any sound or word. Click on the image below to watch a short video on how to create pronunciation models, or try the free web app.

Pronunciation Model for the word "test"

Each pronunciation model contains:

  1. Audio, for listening to the pronunciation.
  2. A video of the mouth and lips.
  3. A video of the speech anatomy.
  4. A video showing tongue contact with the roof of the mouth.
  5. Phonetic symbols, to identify the individual speech sounds.
  6. Waveforms, for viewing timing, pitch and speech intensity (loudness).

Pronunciation dictionary

The Pronunciation Dictionary lets you quickly create pronunciation models from over 21,000 words and sounds. The words and sounds are conveniently arranged in alphabetical, vowel and consonant order, so you can easily locate the words or sounds you want to practise. You can also create custom word lists.

Pronunciation dictionary

Animate the pronunciation model with your own voice

By default, the pronunciation model is animated using a text to speech voice. If you would prefer to animate the pronunciation model with your own voice, please contact us to find out more about our voice annotation service.

Voice annotation service

Pronunciation Coach lets you record your speech so you can compare it with the pronunciation model. Click on the image below to watch a short video on how to record and score your pronunciation.

Recording of the word "test"

Each recording contains:

  1. Audio, for listening to your pronunciation.
  2. A video of your mouth and lips (this option requires a webcam).
  3. Speech recognition result.
  4. Speech intelligibility score.
  5. Waveforms, for viewing your timing, pitch and speech intensity (loudness).

Speech recognition

Speech recognition provides feedback on your pronunciation. If your pronunciation is recognized correctly, a green tick and an intelligibility score is displayed. The intelligibility score provides a measure of how well a particular word was pronounced.

Correct speech recognition result

If your pronunciation is not recognized correctly, a red cross is displayed.


Once you've learned how to pronounce individual sounds and words, you can use the speech intelligibility scorer to provide feedback on your conversational speech. Click on the image below to watch a short video on how to score your speech intelligibility.

Scoring speech intelligibility

Speech intelligibility refers to the 'understandability' of speech, and the ability to use speech to communicate effectively in everyday situations. It can be affected by many factors, including pronunciation accuracy, audibility and speaking rate.

How it works

The speech intelligibility scorer uses state-of-the-art speech recognition to provide a measure of:

  • Speech intelligibility (expressed as a percentage).
  • Audibility (loudness).
  • Speech rate (number of words spoken per minute).

To score your speech intelligibility, simply enter any text and read it out loud. As you speak, the recognised words are scored from 0 to 100% and highlighted in green. Any unrecognised words are highlighted in red. Once all of the words have been highlighted, the following results are displayed:

Speech intelligibility score

Speech intelligibility is a measure of how easily speech can be understood and is expressed as a percentage. The speech intelligibility scores are categorised as:

Intelligibility description Intelligibility score
Unintelligible 0%
Poor 10% - 30%
Fair 30% - 50%
Good 50% - 75%
Excellent 75% - 100%


In order to understand speech it must be audible. Audibility depends on the loudness of speech and is measured in decibels (dB). The human hearing range goes from 0 dB to 120-140 dB:

Condition Audibility (dB)
Hearing threshold 0 dB
Whisper 30 dB
Normal conversation 60 dB
Shout 90 dB
Pain threshold 120 -140 dB

Speech rate

Speech rate is the term given to the speed at which we speak and is expressed as the number of words spoken per minute (WPM). Depending on the type of speech, the rate may vary from 100 WPM to over 400 WPM:

Type of speech Speech rate (WPM)
Slow speech 100 - 110 WPM
Conversational speech 120 - 200 WPM
Audiobooks and podcasts 150 - 160 WPM
Auctioneers and commentators 250 - 400 WPM

System requirements

Operating Systems Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP
CPU Minimum 1 GHz Intel® Pentium® or equivalent
Memory Minimum 1 GB of RAM
Storage 27 MB of free hard disk space
Microphone USB headset microphone recommended
Webcam (optional) Windows compatible webcam

Download free trial

To download a free trial of Pronunciation Coach, simply click on the download button and follow the installation instructions.

For best results, we recommend using a USB headset microphone. See our range of recommended microphones.

Pronunciation Coach
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Pronunciation Coach 3D


"I find it so great to use and to apply to teaching my phonetics and phonology students, who also find it amazing. They get excited (as ESL) any time I ask them to model their practice of the dental fricatives along ProCoach's."

'Demola Jolayemi PhD
Professor of English & Oral Communication, Elizade University, Nigeria


"Initially the better graphics in Pronunciation Coach (P-Coach) caught my attention. Then I noticed several useful features such as:

1. While most of the software of this kind have built in databases and dictionaries to create pronunciation models; P-Coach allows you to type in any text of your choice and creates a pronunciation model.

2. The recording module is voice activated. It stops recording as soon as you stop speaking.

3. The voice recognition algorithm compares the two audio patterns and provides recognition score.

These are very powerful features!"

Dr Khan, Kansas, United States


"I used Pronunciation Coach with my deaf children, and they were very amused by it – it helped one a lot with making better lip shapes, and one to sort out the front and back sounds!"

Bridget Guy,
Professional Lead for Children's Speech and Language Therapy,
Swindon, UK


"I think it is a great software and it is very revealing to listen to your own accent and compare it with the modeled voice.

Thank you for your support!"

Leytzher Muro,
Brunei, Belait


"In my point of view, the Pronunciation Coach is very useful, and to be honest is the best in the market. I do need to have this kind of software to improve my pronunciation. It is great.

Thank you very much."

Jose M. Fernandes,


"I have purchased the 'Pronunciation Coach' and 'Speech Intelligibility' on 9th Feb 2015. These products are brilliant. They replace speech therapists and I can work on my own time. The pressure of pronouncing the words correctly is immensely reduced as I can use these tools to assist me. I feel more hopeful and confident. I am still practising to differentiate between 'Louise' & 'Lewis'.

Thank you."

Rethinakumari Katamuthu,